Makeup For Kindness – Let Love Be The Loudest Thing You Hear From This.

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A lot of really awful things go on in this world that we live in.
This world that we have to exist in.
So many people advocate for change yet so few are truly prepared to reflect inward and start making change where it actually needs to start; which is with yourself.
I couldn’t even begin to go into the inner-workings of my mind about something like this in a single blog post.
Or about all of the awareness that’s come over the years..
Awareness of myself, other people, and so much of the world around me.
It’s insane to me how we’ve made this so hard.
How we’ve clouded the simplest things. The simplest concepts.
We need to start moving in a direction that creates way more environments where people can truly feel comfortable just being themselves. But like, genuinely themselves. Some people don’t even get this in their own home. It’s a major problem. How have we gotten here?
..rhetorical questions.. ^^

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