MOTD: Pumpkin Spice + Everything Nice

In case anyone was wondering, there are 19 more days left until Fall…


─Makeup Geek Single Shadows
Creme Brulee, Chickadee, Early Bird, Cheetah Bear (formerly Cocoa Bear), Cherry Cola, Sidekick, Vanilla Bean
─ColourPop Super Shock Shadow
─Inglot USA Loose Pigment
─KVD Vegan Beauty Everlasting Liner
─KVD Vegan Beauty Ink Liner
House of Lashes Iconic Lashes

─ABH Dip Brow
Dark Brown

Nyx Cosmetics Total Control Drop Foundation
Tarte Shape Tape + Urban Decay Stay Naked Correction Concealer
Beauty Bakerie Face Flour Baking Powder in “Oat”
─Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

─ABH Glow Kit
Nicole Guerriero (limited edition)
─Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb
How Many Carats

─Fenty Beauty MatteMoiselle Plush Matte Lipstick
─Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb
Glass Slipper

MOTD: Bright Cut Crease (Makeup Geek Matrix Shadows)

For the first time in a really really long time I got to sit down and really get creative with makeup again, and it felt great! I just bought a custom MakeupGeek palette using their new Matrix system and I knew that I wanted to do something bright, fun, and super colorful with it (but with a hint of Fall in mind, not like, “summer color” if you get what I mean). I took major inspiration from a look that I saw RawBeautyKristi do on her YT channel and this was the final result.

I was l i v i n g!

D E T A I L S:

(Makeup Geek Shadows)
— Tuscan Sun, Simply Marlena, Wine & Dine, Eternally Grapeful, Time Travel, Drama Queen, Motown, Blacklight, Daydreamer
(ColourPop Supershock Metallic Shadow)
— Ignition
— Inglot Loose Pigment #138
— Melt Cosmetics All Day Everyday Liner in “Kink”

— House of Lashes “Iconics”

— Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in “Dark Brown”

Makeup Geek Haul (Matrix System)

makeup geek matrix palette

I decided to buy some new eyeshadows this month! This is the first order I’ve placed with MakeupGeek since their rebrand a couple of years ago and I can honestly say that they are still some of my favorite eyeshadows ever and I love the brand just as much as I did the first time I tried them—SIX YEARS AGO! They still have the most soft and creamy formula, and all of the colors blend like a dream. Their new Matrix system lets you build custom palettes so that you get the most use of your shadows, with a model that focuses more on sustainability and eco-friendly packaging.

Here are the shades that I picked up.

Top row:
Mystical (foiled) • Wine & Dine • Eternally Grapeful

Middle Row:
Day Dreamer (foiled) • Time Travel • Coffee Before Talkee

Bottom Row:
Legend (foiled) • Dark Roasted • Beach Please

As always, 10/10 I highly recommend.
Click here to shop their site!

(Updated) Single Shadow Collection – Full Break Down

Makeup Geek single shadows zPalette MOTD Phoenix MUA

I reorganized my zPalettes recently so I thought I’d do an updated list of all the single shadows in my collection.

I have three large zPalettes – two are for brights, and pops of color, and one of them is filled with everyday neutral colors.

All of the shades inside are by Makeup Geek Cosmetics because I’m really monogamous with that brand – I love them, and their shadows are just incredibly hard to compete with in my opinion.

Here is a full shade break down of each palette.

► zPalette #1 – Bright shadowsMakeup Geek single shadows zPalette MOTD Phoenix MUA

Row 1 (L-R):
Lemon Drop
Pixie Dust
Row 2 (L-R):
Ocean Breeze
Secret Garden
Dirty Martini
Row 3 (L-R):
Shark Bait
Sea Mist
Row 4 (L-R):
Prom Night
Glass Slipper

► zPalette #2 – More pops of colorMakeup Geek single shadows zPalette MOTD Phoenix MUA

Row 1 (L-R):
Pillow Talk
Chit Chat
Pop Culture
Row 2 (L-R):
Drama Queen
Row 3 (L-R):
Mango Tango
Tuscan Sun
Simply Marlena
Hot Pants
Row 4 (L-R):
In the Spotlight

► zPalette #3 – NeutralsMakeup Geek single shadows zPalette MOTD Phoenix MUA

Row 1 (L-R):
Ice Queen
Vanilla Bean
Shimma Shimma
Gold Digger
Bleached Blonde
Purely Naked
Row 2 (L-R):
Creme Brulee
Peach Smoothie
Coco Bear
Tan Lines
Row 3 (L-R):
Tiki Hut
Early Bird
Brown Sugar
Bada Bing
Row 4 (L-R):
Cherry Cola

How do you guys organize your shadows? LMK!


Aqua Eyeliner + Androgyny Liquid Lips

Morphe Eye Pencil Aqua Liner Summer Makeup Makeup Geek Cosmetics Single Shadows MUG Barcelona  Beach MUG Hipster Jeffree Star Androgyny Ardell Lashes Best Liquid Lipstick

I picked up a bunch of these $2 dollar eye pencils from the Morphe store in Burbank when I was there a few weeks ago.
They’re by some off-brand called Italia Deluxe, which sounds a little sketch I’ll admit but, so far, so good….

I’m a major advocate for the “pops of color” concept. I tend to always grab for neutral/brown shadows, so incorporating accents of bright colors into my eye looks is a simple way to change things up a bit when I’m feeling bored or uninspired. That’s Alyssa-talk for “it’s an easy way to look like you’ve actually tried, without really trying”.

O V E R  A L L   T H O U G H T S 
► They stay in tact pretty well. There was a little bit of smudging toward my inner corner, but nothing major or noticeable that couldn’t be fixed with a quick 5 second touch up. 
► The color lasts at least 8 hours. 
► Good pigmentation.
► Easy application. Super creamy. 

I’m sure they’re not cruelty-free and I wouldn’t be surprised if they contained parabens or other questionable ingredients. But I mean honestly, for $2 whole dollars, I can’t say that I’m mad.

Full look + other  d e t a i l s: 

Morphe Eye Pencil Aqua Liner Summer Makeup Makeup Geek Cosmetics Single Shadows MUG Barcelona  Beach MUG Hipster Jeffree Star Androgyny Ardell Lashes Best Liquid Lipstick


► Makeup Geek Cosmetics Single Shadows
– Hipster (Crease)
– Barcelona Beach (Crease)
– Latte (Transition)
– Creme Bruleè (Transition) 
– Shimma Shimma (Tear Duct)
– Whimsical (Tear Duct)
– Mocha (Outer Corner)
– Vanilla Bean (Brow Bone)
► L’Oreal Voluminous Mascara 
► Ardell Demi Wispy Lashes 
► Italia Deluxe Aqua Eye Pencil
► Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil – Milk (as a base for the blue liner)
► Maybelline Master Precise Liner Pen

B R O W S 
► Ardell Brow Gel – Dark Brown
► ABH Brow Fix Pencil

L I P S 
► Jeffree Star Cosmetics Androgyny Liquid Lipstick

C H E E K S 
► Anastasia Contour Pan – Clay
► Nyx Powder Blush – Dusty Rose
► Smashbox Cosmetics Fusion Soft Lights Bronzer – Baked Starburst 
► Jeffree Star Cosmetics Peach Goddess Skin Frost
► ColourPop Cosmetics Super Shock Cheeks – Spoon

Cry. Cry Glitter: Colorful Makeup + Real Thoughts.

Makeup Geek Makeup Geek Cosmetics Cruelty-free Glitter Injections Famous Glitter Sparkly Makeup Summer Makeup Personal Blog bblogger Jeffree Star Cosmetics Drama Nyx Cosmetics Summer16 Slay All Day Setting Spray

It was about time for some color in my life – and also glitter.
Living in human skin can be a little bananas sometimes. If any of the (countless) issues in existence have you feeling down, or your energy slightly “off” lately – just try and remember to keep these things in mind:

• Having thoughts, feelings and emotions is what makes you human. Do not let anyone put a negative connotation on expressing these things. 
• Sometimes a solid cry is necessary, and that is okay. Cry, or maybe channel that and cry glitter!
• If you must engage with others on matters of substance, debate, or importance – pick your battles wisely. Be patient, be open. Be informed. Hold ground. But mostly, just know when to disengage. 
• Be a source of light in a world that’s over-crowded with douche canoes. No matter what.
• Spread knowledge, acceptance, and love. Only actually do it though. In real life. Everyday. Not just via inspirational quotes on social media. Help people. Give. Put your money where your mouth is and donate to legitimate organizations that you support. More doing. Less talking.
• Know your outlet. Makeup is obviously one of mine. 
• And finally, let literally no one else’s opinions, thoughts, words, life, actions, existence etc. have any effect on you, or the path that you’re on. Once you can achieve real confidence and inner-peace you start to realize that there is no outside, and it frees you.
(the quote from an Amanda Palmer interview that made me reconsider and restructure my entire outlook on the day-to-day, as well as the bigger picture – “we are constantly judging and criticizing ourselves and wondering how this looks from the outside, but time rolls on and you realize there is no outside…“).

► *link to said interview*◄

– O K A Y –

Colorful makeup!

MOTD bblogger Makeup Geek Shark Bait MUG Mermaid Cruelty-free makeup Colorful Makeup Glitter Injections Famous Glitter Too Faced Glitter glue PMA positivity one love one world world peace be kind kind campaign

** P  S  A **
I rarely use less than 5 shadows when I do my eyes.
Blending/layering different shades, adding dimension, and creating new and unique colors is one of most fun parts of the whole process, for me.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Too Faced Glitter Glue
Jeffree Star Beauty Killer Palette
-China White ► Brow Bone
-Violence ► Lower Lash Line
Makeup Geek Single Shadows
-Unexpected ► Crease

-Dragonfly ► Crease
-Shark Bait ► Crease
-Sea Mist ► Lid
-Ocean Breeze ► Outer Corner
-Mermaid ► Center Lid
-Black Light ► Inner Corner
-Whimsical ► Tear Duct
-Shimma Shimma ► Tear Duct
-Masquarade ► Lower Lash Line
Glitter Injections “Famous” Glitter
Nyx Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil – “Milk”
Maybelline Master Precise Liner Pen
Ardell Double-Up Lashes

Nyx Cosmetics Creamy Lipstick – “Rea”
Nyx Cosmetics Butter Gloss – “Angel Food Cake”

Makeup Geek Makeup Geek Cosmetics Cruelty-free Glitter Injections Famous Glitter Sparkly Makeup Summer Makeup Personal Blog bblogger Jeffree Star Cosmetics Drama Nyx Cosmetics Summer16 Slay All Day Setting Spray Alyssa K Alyssa Kurtz Makeup ohalyssaface

Be human to the fullest you guys, don’t forget! 

Makeup For Kindness – Let Love Be The Loudest Thing You Hear From This.

MakeupGeek Cosmetics Makeup Geek Shadows Rainbow Makeup Power of Makeup Makeup for Orlando Orlando Shooting Creative Makeup Pulse Shooting Koko Lashes LGBT

A lot of really awful things go on in this world that we live in.
This world that we have to exist in.
So many people advocate for change yet so few are truly prepared to reflect inward and start making change where it actually needs to start; which is with yourself.
I couldn’t even begin to go into the inner-workings of my mind about something like this in a single blog post.
Or about all of the awareness that’s come over the years..
Awareness of myself, other people, and so much of the world around me.
It’s insane to me how we’ve made this so hard.
How we’ve clouded the simplest things. The simplest concepts.
We need to start moving in a direction that creates way more environments where people can truly feel comfortable just being themselves. But like, genuinely themselves. Some people don’t even get this in their own home. It’s a major problem. How have we gotten here?
..rhetorical questions.. ^^

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Purple Smokey Eyes – Drama, Drama, Drama.

MOTD MakeupGeek Makeup Geek Purple Makeup Foiled Shadows Sephora Lip Cream Fig Ardell Lashes Ardell Brow Gel bblogger Sigma Brushes Nyx Cosmetics Purple Rain RIP Prince Makeup

And the purple makeup continued on….
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Makeup Monday: Bright + Colorful Spring Makeup

Makeup Geek foiled shadows Makeup Geek Cosmetics Ardell Lashes Ardell DoubleUps ColourPop Cosmetics Super Shock Shadows Spring Makeup Nyx Lipsticks

Spring is in the air.
Makeup accordingly!
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Go-To Holiday Makeup + Classic Red Lips

Holiday Makeup 2015

Happiest of Fridays to everyone. 

I wanted to share with you guys my go-to holiday look this year. 
It consists of: 
Very neutral shadows, classic red lips, sharp winged liner, structured contour, and an insane amount of highlight, as per yoozsh. 

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