Cranberry + Gold Fall Glam

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I’ve been in kind of a makeup rut lately.
It happens.
But I recently came out, finally!
It’s been happening gradually over the last week or so but, sure enough, we’re back…
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Favorite Drugstore Nude Lipsticks: Maybelline Edition

Favorite Drugstore Nude Lipsticks Maybelline Lipsticks Best Drugstore Lipsticks

We all know what time of year it is…
I wanted to share with you guys some of my most favorite drugstore nude lipsticks for the Fall/Winter season.


Maybelline would be my preferred brand when it comes to drugstore lipsticks, and their selection of nudes in particular is friggin’ legitimate. 

In no specific order, here are my top 5 favs (+ swatches):

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Fall Makeup: Golden Bronze Eyes + Icy Pink Lips (3 Shadows Only)

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Good morning, my happy and ever-so-awesome people. 
I did this look on a total whim last week and I ended up really loving it, and will probably add it to my always growing list of “good go-to neutral” looks. 

Let me tell you why:
• Believe it or not, I only used three shadows total to accomplish it.
• It’s universal in color, and will go with everything.
• It’s a little more than “just enough” but without being “too much”, which is exactly what I’m always searching for in my ideal perfect makeup look. 
• Gold/brown/bronze/neutral shadows never cease to rock my world, and as always, they will just never do you wrong. 
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Current Favorite Things

Maybelline Matte + Poreless ColourPop Liquid Lipsticks

I thought I’d give some major recognition to a handful of items that I wouldn’t dare think of living without.
I’ve been using all of these things like crazy, which is just a fancy word for “every single day”…

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Cool-Toned Colorful Fall Makeup

It’s officially the Fall season and I am so happy. I sometimes get just a tad too psyched on Makeup during this time of year. I’m not sorry for it. I feel like this is the season I tend to get more inspired than normal, and I always welcome that wholeheartedly! I love cooler weather. I love to be outside. I love rain. I love chilled days and hot tea. So many awesome and happy things come with this time of year. So let’s “makeup” accordingly, shall we?!

Here is a list of all the shadows I used to create my first Fall look of the year!
[all shadows by MakeupGeek Cosmetics, as per yoozsh]

Makeup MakeupGeek Makeup Geek Cosmetics Fall Makeup Cruelty-Free Insomnia Pigment

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Cool Brown Smokey Eye

Yesterday I went super warm. Today I went uber cool. I favor cool tones. I wear both but, I pick cool makeup looks a good 85% of the time. ANYWAY. I used a combination of Mac, MakeupGeek, and ColourPop shadows for today’s eyeballs. Continue reading “Cool Brown Smokey Eye”

Warm-Brown Smokey Eye: Fall Makeup

I decided to really warm up my eyeballs today using all MakeupGeek + ColourPop shadows. You can see my previous posts on ColourPop and MakeupGeek to read more about them if you aren’t familiar yet. If you love makeup and aren’t aware yet, you need to be!

MakeupGeek Cosmetics ColourPop Cosmetics cruelty free makeup warm brown smokey eyes MOTD

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