Fall Makeup: MakeupGeek Wildfire Duochrome Pigment + Deep Purple Lips

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Amethyst Fall Makeup: MakeupGeek’s ‘Blacklight’ Duochrome Shadow

Amethyst Fall Makeup

I had the highest of hopes for this shadow when I first laid my eyes on it.
It’s every bit as amazing as I imagined.
It’s even better, in my opinion.
So unique and so freaking awesome.
It’s the actual true essence of what you think of when you hear the word “blacklight”.
It’s perfect.
Absolutely perfect.
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Fall Makeup: Golden Bronze Eyes + Icy Pink Lips (3 Shadows Only)

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Good morning, my happy and ever-so-awesome people. 
I did this look on a total whim last week and I ended up really loving it, and will probably add it to my always growing list of “good go-to neutral” looks. 

Let me tell you why:
• Believe it or not, I only used three shadows total to accomplish it.
• It’s universal in color, and will go with everything.
• It’s a little more than “just enough” but without being “too much”, which is exactly what I’m always searching for in my ideal perfect makeup look. 
• Gold/brown/bronze/neutral shadows never cease to rock my world, and as always, they will just never do you wrong. 
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MakeupGeek Duochrome Pigments (w/Swatches)

MakeupGeek Duochrome Pigments MakeupGeek Cosmetics MakeupGeek Chameleon MakeupGeek Sugar Rush MakeupGeek Wildfire Cruelty-Free Makeup

I picked up three of the new MakeupGeek duochrome pigments last week.
I don’t feel like this particular swatch post needs a ton of words.
If you’ve been around for a while, you already know the basics:

MakeupGeek can do no wrong.
MakeupGeek is consistent.
MakeupGeek is innovative.
MakeupGeek is insanely affordable.
MakeupGeek is quality.
MakeupGeek never disappoints, ever.
and MakeupGeek has absolutely nailed it, once again.
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