Dewy Makeup: Intense Glow + Cherry Red Lips

MOTD ColourPop Creeper Liquid Lipsticks Anastasia Dip Brow Dark Brown Strobing Summer Makeup Ardell Lashes

This kind of look is so neutral and can be tweaked and modified to fit so many different occasions and face shapes. Here is what you should know:

• Red lips are classic, there is a shade of red that works for everyone, I’m convinced of this.
• Soft bronzy/beige colors almost never do you wrong, ever!
• Bold brows are a personal choice but, we all know that I like them big, full and slightly dramatic sometimes so, I vote for the bold brow to be paired with this look.
• The extreme highlighting is totally optional but, Summer time is almost over so I say glow while you still can!


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T G I F – Weekend Vibes + Summer Coral Lips

MOTD Papillon ColourPop Ouiji

Happy FRIDAY from Charles and me!!
He doesn’t understand how selfies work.

MAKEUP   D   E   T   A   I   L   S   B E L O W :

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Makeup Monday: Classic Cat Eyes + Bright Lips

MakeupGeek Bleached Blonde Corrupt Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Mars MOTD Maybelline Master Precise Liner Pen


I decided to go super simple, and super classic on this ever-so-stellar Monday using just a few things:

• MakeupGeek Shadows – Bleached Blonde (lid) + Corrupt (lower lash line)
• The Maybelline Master Precise Liner Pen (holy grail of eyeliners)
• ColourPop’s Ultra Matte Liquid Lips in ‘MARS‘ (you guys….this shade….I absolutely die) 
• Ardell Lashes: Demi Whispies

Here’s what we ended up with…
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MOTD: My Go-To Summer Face

MakeupGeek Cocoa Bear MakeupGeek Shimma Shimma ColourPop Nillionaire Maybelline Truffle Tease MOTD

Allow me to show you my current “go-to” face for Summer.
It’s neutral. It’s warm. It’s bronze-y. It’s the right amount of subtle mixed with the perfect amount of glam. It’s three shadows on the eyes. It’s pretty ideal for me.
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Summer Gold: Birthday Girl Makeup (3 Shadows)

ColourPop Cosmetics Birthday Girl Limited Edition ColourPop Nillionaire MakeupGeek Creme Brulee Best Cruelty-Free Makeup

I have been loving this particular look this week. I wore it for the first time at my niece’s 10th birthday party last week and I’ve worn it two more times just since then. I love this eye makeup so much; It’s simple, quick, universal, appropriate for so many different occasions, soft, neutral, glam…you understand, I’m sure….

I was feeling festive on that Saturday and I felt a birthday party was the perfect (and most obvious) occasion for me to break out my limited edition Birthday Girl shadow by ColourPop Cosmetics.
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Makeup Monday: Diamond Ring Glitter + Hot Pink Lips

Diamond Ring Glitter Glitter Injections MOTD bblogger Nyx Cosmetics ColourPop Cosmetics MakeupGeek Cosmetics Anastasia Brows Makeup Monday
If you’re one of those people that really love the idea of a fun and sparkly makeup look that’s still totally wearable for everyday but doesn’t necessarily love the stupid amount of time that it takes to get that full fun glam, then this post is for you!  Continue reading “Makeup Monday: Diamond Ring Glitter + Hot Pink Lips”

MOTD: Intense Brown Smokey Eye

MakeupGeek Cosmetics Smokey Eye MakeupGeek Makeup Geek Mac Cosmetics Mylar ColourPop Cosmetics
Happy Hump Day to everyone! Half way through the week and I was feeling super sassy today, and by sassy I mean really moody and kind of hormonal if I can be quite honest soooo, makeup to match, yeah? Yeah.
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Makeup Monday: Warm Sparkly Eyes + Bright Summer Lips

I went full glam on this Monday. One of the keys to a good eye look is to not just use one shadow, but to use several (or in my case, more than a few several) in order to give your eye shadow lots of dimension. Don’t be afraid to layer, and layer, and layer, and blend it out until your hand falls off!

Shadows shown above from L2R:
Large Shadows (ColourPop): I Heart This (inner corner MVP) • On the Rocks
Small Pans (MakeupGeek Singles): Burlesque • Bitten • Barcelona Beach • Mocha • Bada Bing • Hipster • Latte
Lippie Stix (ColourPop): Trixie

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Makeup Favorite: My Top 5 ColourPop Super Shock Shadows

ColourPop Cosmetics Super Shock Shadows makeup bblogger cruelty-free makeup affordable makeup

As always, I’ll make this super brief. Super simple….
I’m pretty much obsessed with this company. I made my first purchase about 9 months ago and I was blown away by so many things. Customer service being first on the list. I’ve since made more orders from ColourPop than I care to publicly admit, but I will tell you this; I’ve never waited longer than 7 days before I received my order in the mail, nothing has ever come to me broken, and they leave hand-written notes for you…need I say anything else? Second, is obviously the product itself and the unreal quality and pigmentation you get. These babies stay ON and don’t budge. I always receive compliments from strangers  when I wear the Super Shock shadows, they’re way too intense to ignore, but not “too much” for everyday wear. Third, THE PRICES. Not only are these products amazing, and cruelty-free, but the prices_are_RIGHT, you guys. $5 dollar shadows and lippie stix, $8 dollar blushes, highlighters, and bronzers….like, come on, let’s get real. If you’ve been on the fence about making an order, I encourage you to please hop off, and just do it.

These are my top five most favorite shadows, in no particular order:ColourPop Cosmetics Super Shock Shadows makeup bblogger cruelty-free makeup affordable makeup


L to R
Liberty: The most insane and pigmented, true silver that I have EVER seen.
Bae: There’s nothing to say about this shade. It’s genuinely Bae…100% truth.
Hammered: The most beautiful cool-tone deep bronze color with deep green/brown undertones. I die.
So Quiche: A super neutral light bronzy color with the most legitimate amount of lavender flecks.
Mooning: The most perfect warm brown you’ve ever seen.

Stop being crazy. Go visit their site >>> C O L O U R P O P . C O M