Makeup Monday: Bright + Colorful Spring Makeup

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Spring is in the air.
Makeup accordingly!
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Screw ‘Seasonal’ Makeup!: New ColourPop Paraphernalia

MOTD ColourPop Ultra Satin Lipsticks Marshmallow KaePop Cruelty-Free Makeup bblogger MakeupGeek

Don’t misunderstand me. 
I partake in doing my makeup ‘seasonally’ and I’m all for rocking bright hot pink lips and yellow shadows in the Summer time. 
What I don’t do, is avoid or discriminate against certain colors just because they don’t align with the current weather situation. 
With me? 
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Current Highlighting Favorites: I Glow, Therefore I Am.

Mac Cosmetics Mac Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish Highlighters Best Highlighters ColourPop Spoon

I live by the following philosophy;
If you can’t see the highlight from outer space, then what’s point? 

With that being said, I thought I’d share with you my go-to highlighting routine as of the last few weeks. 
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Simple Makeup: The Perfect Neutral, Every Day Look (Full Face)

This look has become my go-to this month. 
I’m always down with something calm and neutral. 
Something that you can wear a n y w h e r e.

The office, a date, to run errands, school, an interview etc.
I can’t really think of any scenario in which the makeup wouldn’t work. 
It’s super simple.
Very basic.
Very neutral.
Nothing crazy.
Yet still enough winged liner and highlight to let everyone know exactly what you’re capable of, haha. It’s just spot-on for whatever, really. And that’s one of my favorite mental portfolios of looks; “The Universal” one.

As always – adjust and tweak as you like, and to your needs. 
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Winter + Spring? Sure, Why Not.

MOTD MakeupGeek AlyssaKLoves ohalyssaface bblogger ColourPop Cosmetics Ardell Lashes Double Wispies ColourPop Liquid Lipsticks Phoenix (or climate change; whichever your cup of tea..) yanked the Winter season from us a wee bit early this year and it’s just insane to say the least, lol.

Last week it was still pretty chilly and dropping into the low fifties at night but; here we are, the second week of February and it will be in the mid-to-high seventies for the rest of the week….and then will probably just ascend from there straight into Summer. WHAT?!

It’s left me confused, and the end result of that confusion is this dark chocolate Wintery smokey eye, with bright hot pink lips for Spring… Continue reading “Winter + Spring? Sure, Why Not.”

Go-To Holiday Makeup + Classic Red Lips

Holiday Makeup 2015

Happiest of Fridays to everyone. 

I wanted to share with you guys my go-to holiday look this year. 
It consists of: 
Very neutral shadows, classic red lips, sharp winged liner, structured contour, and an insane amount of highlight, as per yoozsh. 

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Bronze Fall Makeup: On The Rocks

ColourPop Cosmetics ColourPop On The Rocks House of Lashes Iconic Lashes MakeupGeek Cosmetics MakeupGeek Sugar Rush MakeupGeek Duochrome Ardell Brow Gel Fall Makeup Bronze Fall Makeup

Well, we made it to Friday.
This week was a terribly long one.
Our dog has had diarrhea since Monday, poor little guy.
We “evaluated” our finances and tracked spending this month (shoot me).
We’re heading to Europe in 4 more days.
We’re incredibly short-staffed in my department at work.
I’m honestly amazed I found the time to even do makeup at all this week now that I’m thinking out loud.

a n y h o w

Bronze Fall makeup.
I dug out my “On The Rocks” shadow by ColourPop Cosmetics and I forgot how perfect it is for this time of year. It’s so buttery and perfectly sparkly.
Keep on reading for the full product breakdown used to get this eye look.
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Cool-Toned Colorful Fall Makeup

It’s officially the Fall season and I am so happy. I sometimes get just a tad too psyched on Makeup during this time of year. I’m not sorry for it. I feel like this is the season I tend to get more inspired than normal, and I always welcome that wholeheartedly! I love cooler weather. I love to be outside. I love rain. I love chilled days and hot tea. So many awesome and happy things come with this time of year. So let’s “makeup” accordingly, shall we?!

Here is a list of all the shadows I used to create my first Fall look of the year!
[all shadows by MakeupGeek Cosmetics, as per yoozsh]

Makeup MakeupGeek Makeup Geek Cosmetics Fall Makeup Cruelty-Free Insomnia Pigment

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Dramatic “End of Summer” Makeup

MOTD EOTD ColourPop Etiquette ColourPop Krinkle House of Lashes Iconic lashes blue eyeshadow cruelty-free makeup Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Dark Brown

Yesterday I wanted to do something that said “I may or may not be (but definitely am) a little excited for cooler seasons but, I’m also still enjoying what’s left of the Summer time”.
Jah feel?
I used cool blues and cool browns on the eyes but still brought back the brightness and warmth with a rosy pink blush and mauve colored lips.
I was super heavy-handed. 
I’m not sorry for it.
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ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks: Swatches + Thoughts

ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks Review Swatches Cruelty-Free Makeup Liquid Lipsticks

I purchased 13 of the ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks earlier this month:

• Midi • Trap • Succulent • Tulle • Sundae • High Ball • Creeper • Succulent • Pacific • LAX • Mars • Lychee • Zipper •

I thought I’d share my thoughts…
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