Brow How-To: My Current Routine, Tips & Tricks

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Ahh, brows.
Brows. Brows.
They’re so freaking important, but still end up being my least favorite thing to when doing my makeup.
So simple, yet so stupid complicated.
Some days you can do the most perfect, and symmetrical set of brows in 8 and a half minutes flat, other days it takes you 17 minutes to get just the first one right.
Love them. But also kind of hate them and want to shave them off at times.
Would never tattoo them on though, personally. I do them differently all the time. Where would the fun in making them permanent be?
Oh well. Such is life.
If you weren’t genetically blessed with naturally stellar eyebrows, then this how-to might be helpful to you.
Although I don’t feel I do anything super out of the norm, or extraordinary when it comes to the way in which I achieve snatchy brows, I get asked a lot about the types of products I use for that routine so, post inspiration.
I am here – for YOU GUYS!


No but in all honesty, I really do hope this is even remotely beneficial to someone out there who might be struggling with the brows in your life. I want you to know that there is hope. I’m the proof.
Keep reading.
I have pictures to prove it…
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My Everyday Holy Grail Brow Products

Brow Essentials


Brows Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade Dark Brown Anastasia Brows Sephora


Brows Before and After Anastasia Beverly Hilla ABH Anastasia Brows brows on fleek dipbrow


Never let anyone tell you that brows aren’t important…

Everything you need to know is H E R E!

Anastasia Dipbrow
Anastasia Brow Fix
Angled Brow Brush 

Warm-Brown Smokey Eye: Fall Makeup

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MakeupGeek Cosmetics ColourPop Cosmetics cruelty free makeup warm brown smokey eyes MOTD

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