Keep Calm and…Overcome This Anxiety: 7 Things That Improve My Chill

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I’ve never been super great at “intros” and such so I’m just going to jump right in and tell you guys that I’ve been dealing with some very sudden, and very intense anxiety lately. I may talk about it with light-hearted humor but that doesn’t mean that I find the subject particularly funny so, please keep that in mind.

I’m 27 now, and I have not had to deal with anxiety like this since I was in the very beginning of my teenage years.
It’s been pretty debilitating if I can speak completely openly (which I’ve decided to do today). To have to be a functioning adult during sporadic attacks of anxiety is quite the experience…
We’re almost to the end of day# 4 now and for the first time, things are finally starting to feel a little lighter.

I know that anxiety is a very real thing.
I know that it comes in many different forms.
I know that it has many different levels.
I know that everyone deals with it in a different way.

I’m not here today to tell anyone how to “deal” with it.
Or to tell you what will “fix” it, or make it go away forever. But I do want to share with you guys some of the things that I’ve been doing since last week to deal with the anxiety attacks that have been disrupting my life in the worst and oddest possible kind of ways. I felt like sharing because I truly feel these things have gotten me to the pretty “functional” point that I’ve been able to reach today, which is basically the following:

Not feeling so much like an alien, but a little more like myself.
Starting to see the light in the situation/event that put me in the anxious state I’m in.
Starting to really let go of some irrational thoughts/fears/worries.
(Positive thinking is kicking back in.)
Not feeling that lump in your throat every 30 minutes.
(You know? The one that warns you the tears are coming, and there isn’t sh*t you’ll be able to do about it. That one. AKA just not crying every 30 minutes.)
Talking more. Laughing more.
(If you’re not an introverted person, this one may not apply to you.)

. A  N  Y  W  A  Y .

Feel free to keep reading if any part of what I’m saying is in any way relevant to you.
I realize it may not be to everyone.

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