Products & Thoughts | My Top 3 (Loose) Powders


MOTD setting powder MUFE Makeup Forever Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder Laura Mercier NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder dupe that affordable makeup makeup favorites bblogger
MOTD setting powder MUFE Makeup Forever Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose Powder Laura Mercier NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder dupe that affordable makeup makeup favorites bblogger

Anytime I wear liquid foundation, I use a loose setting powder. Pressed powder exists but it isn’t my preference. If I don’t have one on hand for whatever reason, then I either A) don’t wear foundation and just do a more minimal look or B) opt out of doing my makeup altogether. This is because setting powder helps keep makeup locked into place during the day so that it isn’t completely wiped off by noon just because you scratched your cheek three times — so when I don’t have this product I feel like spending a lot of time (or any time at all) on my makeup just isn’t worth it.

I use powder to set the concealer under my eyes, or my eye shadow base (which helps hold my shadows in place throughout the day), the areas around my mouth where I have smile lines (to keep my foundation from creasing), I use it to lighten up my brows when I go heavy-handed with product, and to bake other areas of my face.

As someone who’s always considering things for their freelance kit, I like trying new brands and different types of products over all kinds of price ranges. I think variety is important. Budgets vary. Different occasions have different needs, and that all requires c h o i c e s.


This is a great staple item to have in your freelance kit or personal collection because it looks gorgeous on everyone, makes your skin feel baby smooth, and is a true translucent. It doesn’t make the skin look dry or flaky, and it blends like a dream. I’ve always felt that the packaging is a tad bulky for some reason so I don’t prefer to take this one with me when traveling. IDK why. That could just be me being… me. 

I actually bought this guy after seeing @itslikelymakeup high key recommend it as a much cheaper alternative to the Laura Mercier one and it’s been my everyday go-to ever since. It’s literally less than half the price so I don’t feel the need to preserve it as much, and can then just leave the more expensive setting powders for my freelance kit. The sifter is pretty messy and questionable, but when we’re talking about a product in the $4 dollar range that I actually really like and works well, I tend to get over that stuff quick. If you like high-end quality packaging, you’ll probably hate this one. If you’re like me and those things don’t bother you much, then I would definitely give this powder a try.

SO — because Makeup Forever exports their products to China (who requires animal testing), they still can’t be considered a true cruelty-free company, even though they do not use those practices in the states. All that in mind, this powder is really great for weddings or any event makeup where there will  be heavy flash photography since it ensures no flashback – which is what makes your under eye concealer look ghost white in photos! I used it on my best friend for her wedding day and she looked like such a knockout, flawless in every photo. I don’t care for the mesh net that the sifter is made of because I feel like it can make it a little less convenient to get as much product out as you want, but that would be my only complaint otherwise, 10/10 would recommend.

Who makes the best setting powder you’ve used so far?
Let me know below! 

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