Pat McGrath Dark Star 006: Ultra Suede Brown (7-Piece Collection w/ Swatches)


Have you ever seen something so incredibly sparkly and stunning that it took your breath away the second your eyes made contact and you actually gasped out loud the first time you saw it? Because same…

I can’t explain it and I know how extra it all sounds but honestly, that’s what happened here. Don’t misunderstand me — I have followed the insanely talented makeup artist for quite some time now, and am always in awe of the intensity of her products and all of the artistry/imagery that go into the ads and brand aesthetic. But this was my first purchase with the company. Normally I can restrain, but this was different. I saw the very first campaign for this collection on Instagram; a video montage of Kim Kardashian West rocking her signature brown/black smokey eye, wearing shadows and the lid gloss from the Ultra Suede kit.

I basically died right then and there.

A week later this bad boy was at my door step. Because spending years learning how to master self-control just to throw it all out the window in a moment of radiating shimmery weakness is one of my favorite past times.

I’m kidding —

It’s okay to splurge sometimes.

Pat McGrath Dark Star 006 Ultra Suede Brown
Pat McGrath Dark Star 006
Pat McGrath Dark Star 006 Ultra Suede BrownPat McGrath Dark Star 006 Ultra Suede Brown

I N C L U D E D:

Astral White Pigment
Mercury Pigment
Ultra Suede Brown Pigment
Dark Matter Pigment
Cyber Clear Eye Gloss
Black Eye Kohl
Blender Brush

I won’t go into a bunch of detail about how awesome, creamy, buttery, gorgeous and sparkly these pigments are because let’s be honest, deep down — you already know. All I will tell you is that when you add that Cyber Clear gloss over the black pigment, it’s practically like a glittering galaxy-like explosion all over your eyeballs — pure magnificence. Cannot wait to create some magic!

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