Transformation Tuesday + Saying YES To Life.

Say Yes To Opportunity.

Connect with people. Be less afraid.
What is honestly the worst thing that could happen?

A really awesome friend of mine let me paint her pretty face recently.
This was my very first attempt at a full face of makeup on another human being! : )
– Skin
– Cheeks
– Brows
– Shadow
– Lashes
– Lips
and guess what?
She could have totally gone out in public w i t h o u t  any embarrassment when I was all done. And not only that, but I was happy with it, even. Who would’ve thought? Haha! Not to mention, I had a blast hanging out. Say yes to stuff. Whether you’re ready or not. Just go for things. You’ll never know what you’re capable of until you go and d o.


Some things I have learned s o  f a r:

► Have a way better organization system, it probably makes life easier.
► Covering texture is more challenging than I would’ve thought.
► Not everyone needs false lashes 100% of the time.
► It won’t be perfect the first time – it takes practice, like everything else.
► Doing things that make you nervous is f u n.
► The less you think about something, the more you enjoy it.
► The less you think about something, the more it will just flow.
► There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.
► Putting makeup on other people is one of the greatest things ever : )

I can’t wait to do it more!

Here is this beauties before & after.

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