Empties, Rambles & Other Things

Too Faced MOTD Nyx Cosmetics Dark Circle Concealer Makeup BBLOGGER ohalyssakblog Shadow Insurance Porefessional Primer Benefit Cosmetics Empties Makeup Favorites

“To repurchase?
Or not to repurchase..”

It’s always the question.
Answers may vary.


Anyone else notice that all of the essential stuff always runs out on you around the same freaking time?
like, a l w a y s…
W H Y ?

If that doesn’t happen to you then forget I mentioned it but ohmygosh…it happens to me almost every time and it is so  j a n k. So naturally, I end up noticing multiple items running low and then just procrastinating wholeheartedly until I find myself reaching for a completely empty container of dark circle concealer and go “awww, seriously….??” as if I haven’t been watching it diminish for days and days. It’s alright though. I own it, haha. 
▼ a n y w a y ▼
What I’m trying to get at, is that this makes my decision-making process incredibly easy when it comes time to repurchase. And I’m a Libra so anything that makes decision-making easy for me is a blessing in disguise. HEY UNIVERSE! 
See. There’s always a silver lining. You just have to wanna see it ; ) 

Here are my most recent empties:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer 
Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional Primer 
Nyx Cosmetics Dark Circle Concealer 

Too Faced MOTD Nyx Cosmetics Dark Circle Concealer Makeup BBLOGGER ohalyssakblog Shadow Insurance Porefessional Primer Benefit Cosmetics Empties Makeup Favorites

and here are some
– thoughts
– options you have when confronted with this potentially disruptive situation
– and what I did (personally) about replacing them:

• p  s  a •
hat I d i d  n o t  do, is put a lot of thought into this.
don’t get me wrong, there are definitely times when I do my due-diligence with reviews, research, tutorials, swatch videos, traveling to Sephora for samples before I purchase and la la la, but this restock wasn’t one of them. these are all pretty fundamental products for me, so I don’t need to go into ‘Sherlock Holmes’ mode in search of some new magical orange paste to cover up the purple circles I have under my eyes, I just need more orange paste…ya know? : ) 


Alright, so I’ve used the Same Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer for probably 3 years now. It works super good for me and I’ve always really liked it. I wear tons of shadows, so having a solid primer is major key. BUT. I actually have half a bottle of MACs Pro Long Wear Concealer in NW20 (I think) laying around somewhere so, I’m just gonna use that for the time being. Once that’s gone or feel like buying another primer, then I will. But right this moment, I’m not.

I know –
he idea of being fresh out of something and not immediately buying something else to replace it right away…how boring right? ; )
but that’s the decision I landed on so, moving on…

Try new stuff. If it doesn’t work out, don’t get it again. No harm, no foul.
I’m proud to say I was actually proactive about this one and have already replaced it.
*pats self on back several times*
I opted for this Nyx Photo Loving Primer (the green one, for anti-redness) and it’s been doing alright. It isn’t the greatest thing there ever was, but it does help with my unevenness and it makes my t-zone area feel really soft. With that being said though…I can say I for sure feel that the Porefessional Primer is way more effective in terms of minimizing the appearance of pores, but it’s also $18 dollars more, and I’m smart enough to understand and accept the logic behind the idea that sometimes the better things cost more money, no matter what my opinion on economics is. So if anyone knows of a solid, drug-store budget, pore shrinking primer (preferably cruelty-free), please link me in the comments thread, t y s m . 

It’s in my genetics to have dark purple/lavender-ish circles under my eyes; and therefore, in order to achieve what I like to achieve makeup-wise, I get to use a concealer concealer, AND a dark circle concealer. Just think of it as extra reinforcements – if you have purple circles and darker skin tones, use an orange corrector to cancel them out before applying concealer like your regularly scheduled program. If you have red ones, then use a green corrector. Makeup is art, learn your color wheel! : )
A N Y W A Y!
Moral of the story → sometimes you just gotta stick with what’s good. I love this stuff. It works super well, it’s easy to find at most CVSs or Target (if you must), and it’s bloody affordable. Like, $6 bucks affordable. 

So there you go.
All crisis averted 😉

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