Transformation Tuesday + All The Feelings

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If there’s anyone out there who has ever stumbled across this blog and thought to themselves that I just awoke one day and was like –

“yes, all the skill for:
-Being a healthy(er) human!
-Keeping things primarily positive and upbeat!
-Photo taking!
Please allow me to officially inform you that you are d e a d  wrong, and that isn’t how transformations work 😁

When I started writing this post it was only intended to be a makeup type of transformation, but then I realized (upon looking a little more thoughtfully at this picture) that it’s sort of way more than that, and I feel like talking about it..

I obviously can’t put a number to the things that I’ve learned over the last 27 years but that’s what I have behind me…




– I’m going to try my absolute best to articulate. Try and hang with me. I’ll appreciate you forever, seriously. –

For the makeup/beauty side of things, the passion has a l w a y s  been there. I’ve been playing with makeup for over 10 years and been enamored with it for far longer than that, but the true artistry of makeup…that’s something that didn’t show up on my interest radar until about 2012-2013 when I discovered Jaclyn Hill and the world of YouTube tutorials and Sigma blending brushes..

But still, the same concept.

Y E A R S.
and you’ve clearly seen the picture of my makeup in 2012..

It’s a journey.

For the health-conscious/active lifestyle stuff – same.

Y E A R S. 

Years of documentaries, research, trial and error, changing things up, progressing, being stuck in plateaus, going pescatarian, going vegetarian, incorporating more vegan food, being inconsistent for months at a time, struggling with a donut addiction. The list goes on for a long time..

It’s a journey.

For all things  c r e a t i v e; like blogging, taking photos, or editing the photos – the passion has always been there, but again..the technical more “professional” aspects of that stuff is actually something more recently developed. Nonetheless, effort is going into it, and will continue to go into it.

It’s a journey.

Positivity, mindfulness, activism, consciousness and all of those things are where I’m at in this moment. Lots of awesome things. Still lots to learn. 

It’s a journey…

I’m sure you’re getting the bigger picture by now but if not, here it is –

I have no clue what I’m doing majority of the time. I just start somewhere, and I learn, and figure things out as I go. But it’s taken me my whole life to get that. To get here.
To really understand it all, and trust it.
my intuition.
m y  j o u r n e y…

To know that my thoughts and ideas and views will always be changing, and they should be. (Because we should always be growing, amirite?)
To truly start putting these ideas into practice. But like, actual practice…because as obnoxious as it may sound, you’d be pretty surprised how we as humans have somehow forgotten the easiest of things – things like:
preaching and sharing things on social media or in real life, and actually backing those words up with the way we live our lives, are two very different things.

But anyway.
Let me get to the bloody point.
Nothing happens overnight. N O T H I N G. Or even relatively quick, for that matter.

You just do something, anything, everyday..for years –

Be consistent.
pend lots of time learning new things about it.
ailing (if there is such thing).
ailing it.
ompletely screwing it up.
ondering if it’s too much or too little for others.
ot giving a singular crap how it’s perceived by others.
eaving comfort zones.
iving more effort than you want to it, sometimes.
otivating yourself.
inding inspiration in others, as well as yourself.
edicating time.
aving passion.
etting creative.
aving fun.
hatever…just  s t a r t !! 

Always remember that everyone starts somewhere, with everything, and that it doesn’t usually just ‘magically’ happen : ) 

✨can be applied to any aspect of life ✨

I hope that you guys have a super solid Tuesday!

12 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday + All The Feelings”

  1. I loved this 🙂 You’re totally right. I think our generation especially seems to think that anyone who “has it together” is just lucky, and no one takes the time to think about all the work, tears and practice that goes into what we each consider personal success. Go you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m like, it’s nice to hear nice things, but why do so many people like to ignore the dark side and the struggle as if it just doesn’t exist for other people?! Haha.


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