Brow How-To: My Current Routine, Tips & Tricks

Brows Eyebrows Before and After How-To Brow Tutorial Brow Pictorial Ardell Brow Gel Makeup BBLOGGER Snatched Brows

Ahh, brows.
Brows. Brows.
They’re so freaking important, but still end up being my least favorite thing to when doing my makeup.
So simple, yet so stupid complicated.
Some days you can do the most perfect, and symmetrical set of brows in 8 and a half minutes flat, other days it takes you 17 minutes to get just the first one right.
Love them. But also kind of hate them and want to shave them off at times.
Would never tattoo them on though, personally. I do them differently all the time. Where would the fun in making them permanent be?
Oh well. Such is life.
If you weren’t genetically blessed with naturally stellar eyebrows, then this how-to might be helpful to you.
Although I don’t feel I do anything super out of the norm, or extraordinary when it comes to the way in which I achieve snatchy brows, I get asked a lot about the types of products I use for that routine so, post inspiration.
I am here – for YOU GUYS!


No but in all honesty, I really do hope this is even remotely beneficial to someone out there who might be struggling with the brows in your life. I want you to know that there is hope. I’m the proof.
Keep reading.
I have pictures to prove it…

Okay. I’ll keep this as simple as possible, because it is pretty simple.

Brows Eyebrows Before and After How-To Brow Tutorial Brow Pictorial Anastasia Brows ABH Brow Fix Makeup Geek Corrupt Shadow Ardell Brow Gel Makeup BBLOGGER Snatched Brows

There are only 4 things necessary for me when doing my brows:
• 1) Whatever product I’m using at the time – Right now that happens to be the Dark Brown Brow Gel by Ardell 
• 2) Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Fix Pencil – A magic pencil made of wax that helps keep your brows in place all day.
• 3) A dual-ended angled brush/spoolie tool – Because I don’t need two separate utensils for this…thanks. 
• 4) Makeup Geek CosmeticsCorruptSingle Shadow – Because I do what I want. 

Let us begin! 

Brows Eyebrows Before and After How-To Brow Tutorial Brow Pictorial Ardell Brow Gel Makeup BBLOGGER Snatched Brows

1 s t
. . . I’m not going to get into the history of my eyebrows and why they are they way they are, lol. Just know that they’re damaged, okay. Not like, “I can’t actually leave the house unless I put eyebrows on” damaged, but like…the situation is just not great nonetheless so, I’ll just leave you with that!

2 n d . . . The first thing I do is draw a line from the very front of my eyebrow all the way to where I want the end to be. I use less pressure (less pressure=less product) on the front part of my brow because I like for the front part to be just a little bit less intense as the back half. 

3 r d . . . Once I have the bottom mapped out, I do the same thing to the top part of my brow. The natural shape of where the upper arch of my brow should be and where it actually is, are two completely different things. So I do what I need to! 

4 t h . . . After that, I just apply a fair amount of product to fill in the empty area toward the back half of the brow, and use the spoolie to blend everything out and soften up the harshness of it all. I use the black eye shadow for any parts of my skin in that area that just don’t take the pigment of the gel. I also use whatever remaining foundation or concealer product is on my Beauty Blender to dab the front part of my eyebrows, which is how I keep the front part a few tad lighter than the back. 

After I do that, any additional steps are optional; like cleaning everything up with concealer or highlighting your brow bone. Some days I do those things.
Some days I don’t. That’s all preference, and kind of dependent on what type of look you’re going for.

So there you have it!
That’s all she wrote.
Some quick last things for you guys to keep in mind on the subject of eyebrows would be;
Brows take patience. 
Brows take time. If you’re in a really terrible place, you have to just let them grow. It sucks, but you have to.
And always use Visine for your gel or pomade if it’s drying out. The glycerin in it will bring your product back to life 😉 
B A M  !

I hope that everyone is having the most solid of Tuesdays today!

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