Current Highlighting Favorites: I Glow, Therefore I Am.

Mac Cosmetics Mac Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skin Finish Highlighters Best Highlighters ColourPop Spoon

I live by the following philosophy;
If you can’t see the highlight from outer space, then what’s point? 

With that being said, I thought I’d share with you my go-to highlighting routine as of the last few weeks. 
Mac Soft & Gentle ColourPop Spoon

On top is Soft & Gentle. The bottom is Spoon. Obviously Spoon is much more icy in color, and has much more sparkle, but when you add it over top the Soft & Gentle it blends like a dream and the two products just melt to perfectly together. I don’t normally care for glitter in a highlighter, but Spoon is such an exception. It’s just so beautiful and not tacky at all. 

Mixing products is one of my favorite things to do. Mostly all of what you see when you’re looking at any of the photos I share isn’t typically just one product, but a combination or mixture of several, rather. It’s one of the best tricks you can play around with in order to customize colors to your specific skin-tone. Not only that but then when someone asks what eye shadow you’re wearing, you won’t have one specific shade to reference because it isn’t just one shade! It’s a custom blend of colors that you created to best fit your face! 

NOW – 
There are two ways you can do this;
with MAC Cosmetics Fix+, and without MAC Cosmetics Fix+.
It just comes down to preference. Whatever level of glow you desire can be achieved with these two products. If you want an insanely intense glow, then use Fix+ to apply multiple layers wet. If you don’t, then skip that step.

Here is everything you need to know:
– P R I C E S

S&G: $32
• I use my ring finger to apply both of these products. 
• I apply Soft & Gentle first.
• Then I apply Spoons over top. 
• Apply Fix+ to a fan brush (or which ever brush you prefer) and add more layers of Spoons to add more drama.

And that’s it. 
Glow away, and don’t ever let anyone tell you that there’s such a thing as too much highlight, because they are wrong. 

Mac Soft & Gentle ColourPop Spoon Highlight on Fleek Glow

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      1. Your welcome!! Can you Fo a black smokey eye tutorial please , I wanna know how to do it !


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