Favorite Drugstore Nude Lipsticks: Maybelline Edition

Favorite Drugstore Nude Lipsticks Maybelline Lipsticks Best Drugstore Lipsticks

We all know what time of year it is…
I wanted to share with you guys some of my most favorite drugstore nude lipsticks for the Fall/Winter season.


Maybelline would be my preferred brand when it comes to drugstore lipsticks, and their selection of nudes in particular is friggin’ legitimate. 

In no specific order, here are my top 5 favs (+ swatches):

N U D E  L U S T  
This color kind of reminds me of Mac’s Myth lipstick. I’m not trying to compare the two by any means, so calm down, makeup snobs. I just mean, it’s super nude and icy for me in the same way that Myth is. It’s really light but without being too crazy for my more tan complexion. 
T R U F F L E  T E A S E
This is my most used lipstick. It is my true perfect nude. This was the first nude lipstick I was ever able to find that was genuinely perfect for me. I repurchase it all the time.
N U D E  E M B R A C E 
T O T A L L Y  T O F F E E 
Just a smidge lighter than Truffle Tease. 
C R A Z Y  F O R  C O F F E E
This color is so perfect if you want to step out of your zone and go for a vampy Fall/Winter look but without going super intense. This is more of a gentle cranberry/brown. 

Favorite Drugstore Nude Lipsticks Maybelline Lipsticks Best Drugstore Lipsticks
Top Photo: No Flash – Bottom Photo: With Flash

6 thoughts on “Favorite Drugstore Nude Lipsticks: Maybelline Edition”

  1. these look gorgeous! I particularly like nude lust 🙂
    Instagram: the_ch1ara

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nude Lust goes so great with everything. Maybelline is great because you just can’t beat the price considering how much color pay-off you get 👍


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