MAKEUP MONDAY: Updated Foundation Routine W/O Contour (Even Out Skin + Cover Blemishes)

Updated Foundation Routine Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer Sigma F35 Kat Von D Shade + Light Palette Nyx Dark Circle Corrector Best affordable dark circle concealer beauty Blender

It’s been such a long time since my last foundation routine, and things have changed up quite a bit. Allow me to give all the credit in the world to the items pictured above for allowing me to be able to even out the skin on my face, and conceal those really annoying (yet mostly inevitable) blemishes and dark circles.

I don’t mind not wearing makeup.
I’m comfortable with a little on.
I’m comfortable with a lot on.
I’m comfortable without it.

I’ll sometimes go a week or two straight without touching a drop of makeup to my face but, I love makeup. And I also love that it gives me the option of starting out with a completely fresh and even canvas, if I so choose (which I usually do, most days).

Here are a few things you should know about my skin:

 I have combination skin that’s predominantly oily.
I get super dry after I wash my face, but then get decently oily throughout the day.
• I have purple/blue dark circles under my eyes no matter how much sleep I get, or don’t get.
• I eat very clean which does benefit my skin in a lot of ways most of the time but, I’m not immune from all issues and I still experience mild breakouts and irritations pretty often in my adulthood. Mainly right around my cheekbone area on both sides of my face.
• Although I don’t have any major or severe acne, I do have some minor acne scaring from getting breakouts in the same spots continuously over the last couple of years, and I’m also pretty splotchy and uneven.

With that being said, here’s the breakdown of how I achieve that “flawless” looking kind of “blank” (and even) canvas – my current foundation routine!

This brush is so key for me in setting my under-eye highlight, and really carving out and cleaning up the contour under my cheekbones.

The maybelline foundation is a total drugstore jackpot. 
The concealer is one of the absolute best in my opinion. It’s a continual repurchase in my makeup collection. Ride or die product all the way. I use this to highlight under my eyes, down the center of my nose, my cupids bow area, center of my chin, and the center of my forehead.

This is my preferred method of application for liquid foundation. I love the flawless and smooth finish it gives your face. It works excellent for blending out the Nars concealer. Plus I feel like it also saves me a lot of time.

This product is a staple in my everyday routine. I use all three of the highlighting powders to set my under-eye concealer and to structure the crap out of my contour, and also to contour the center of my nose.

This is pretty self-explanatory. It works, and I love it. I apply it with my middle finger all over my dark circles and then blend it out with a Beauty Blender BEFORE I apply my concealer. It comes in Fair, Light, Medium, and Deep. It’s pure magic. 

Before and After Makeover Foundation Routine Maybelline Matte + Poreless Foundation #230 Natural Buff Ardell Brow Gel Dark Brown MOTD Drugstore Foundation Best Drugstore Foundation

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