Keep Calm and…Overcome This Anxiety: 7 Things That Improve My Chill

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I’ve never been super great at “intros” and such so I’m just going to jump right in and tell you guys that I’ve been dealing with some very sudden, and very intense anxiety lately. I may talk about it with light-hearted humor but that doesn’t mean that I find the subject particularly funny so, please keep that in mind.

I’m 27 now, and I have not had to deal with anxiety like this since I was in the very beginning of my teenage years.
It’s been pretty debilitating if I can speak completely openly (which I’ve decided to do today). To have to be a functioning adult during sporadic attacks of anxiety is quite the experience…
We’re almost to the end of day# 4 now and for the first time, things are finally starting to feel a little lighter.

I know that anxiety is a very real thing.
I know that it comes in many different forms.
I know that it has many different levels.
I know that everyone deals with it in a different way.

I’m not here today to tell anyone how to “deal” with it.
Or to tell you what will “fix” it, or make it go away forever. But I do want to share with you guys some of the things that I’ve been doing since last week to deal with the anxiety attacks that have been disrupting my life in the worst and oddest possible kind of ways. I felt like sharing because I truly feel these things have gotten me to the pretty “functional” point that I’ve been able to reach today, which is basically the following:

Not feeling so much like an alien, but a little more like myself.
Starting to see the light in the situation/event that put me in the anxious state I’m in.
Starting to really let go of some irrational thoughts/fears/worries.
(Positive thinking is kicking back in.)
Not feeling that lump in your throat every 30 minutes.
(You know? The one that warns you the tears are coming, and there isn’t sh*t you’ll be able to do about it. That one. AKA just not crying every 30 minutes.)
Talking more. Laughing more.
(If you’re not an introverted person, this one may not apply to you.)

. A  N  Y  W  A  Y .

Feel free to keep reading if any part of what I’m saying is in any way relevant to you.
I realize it may not be to everyone.

It’s been my personal choice in life over the last year and half or so to opt out of pharmaceutical medications or over-the-counter drugs etc. The only thing of this nature I still take is my birth control and that’s solely because my desire to not conceive children currently still outweighs my desire to live “all natural” so, what are you gonna do? I’m only human.
*SIDE NOTE* I think I’ve messed up my BC schedule amidst of all this “cloudiness of the mind” nonsense. I’m trying to get it sorted out. <—— See! Human! We’re all human. We screw things up in life. Even as adults. Adults are humans too. Follow?

. M O V I N G    A L O N G .
To the point.
Do natural stuff..

Specifically targeted at calming you down. My favorite is the Yogi Tea. They have amazing flavors and several teas aimed at stress relief in particular. My absolute favorite is the Honey Lavender. You can visit this link to find where they sell it near you if you want —> YOGI STORE LOCATOR

I’m an advocate for essential oils. I don’t sell them or anything but, I use the crap out of them. I’ve personally experienced (on too many occasions to list) how much they actually do help with a massive variety of things so, for that reason alone I just like to tell anyone whose open to it to give them a shot.
__I use lavender for soothing.

I rub it on my pillow at night.
I rub it on my temples and neck throughout the day.
__I use lemon for refreshing, and brightening.
– The lemon I order from eBay or from a doTERRA distributor because doTERRA is the only brand I know of (personally) that makes “food-grade” oils, which means that you can ingest them. I use the lemon drops for my water every day.
__I use clary sage in a blue 1 oz. glass spray bottle mixed with cold water for PMS and crazy hormonal phases.

Anyway, you get the idea. Please Google about the different uses and methods of use for essential oils. Such cool stuff. Sprouts and Whole Foods carry them too.

End your day with a super hot bath. Not hotter than you can handle or anything. Don’t burn yourself by any means. But draw yourself a steamy bath if you can at the end of your day,

and add things to it:
__Lavender Oil
(because relaxation and stress relief etc..)
__Rosemary Oil
(because overwork, mental fatigue and physical tiredness etc..)
__Epsom Salt
(because improved oxygen use, relieved stress, flushed toxins etc..)

(2): M U S I C
Music is one of my lifelines so, I’m not shocked it acted as a therapeutic tool. It’s so unpredictable too like, I know how dumb this could potentially sound but, one thing I took away from this particular experience was the fact that sometimes, the only other human person on the planet that can help take your anxiety levels down some, is Drake….
 know I know but, seriously. It was the first good laugh I’d had in 4 days when he said “I’m Harlem shaking through the pressure…”
LOL! I mean honestly that’s what we all need to be doing, haha.
Harlem shaking through the bull sh*t. Metaphorically, obviously. But even if you imagine that literally, it’s funny. But I’m not trying to fool anyone, I love Drake in general. I don’t have a crush on him or anything like that, he just literally never really puts out any material that I don’t really really like. What do you want from me?
You get what I mean I hope.
Music has the power to change our whole entire mood in a single instant.
Use that.
Whatever kind of music you want.
Never let anyone make you feel weird about what you listen to. People who listen to several different genres of music are said to generally have much more opened minds and higher IQs so…

(3): O P E N I N G  UP
I’m a super private person, especially when it comes to any personal “struggles” I may be having. I try to keep things as positive, yet as real as I can on social media and I try to leave anything negative out of that equation. I don’t feel like people need to know what I might be going through behind closed doors because everyone in life has problems to deal with. That’s just the way it is, everyone is always going through something, even when things are going great! I think more people need to put on their adult hats and deal with their issues WITHOUT involving everyone on social media but the truth is; doing the total opposite and keeping everything bottled internally within you doesn’t do you a single bit of good either.
You need to talk to some people about what you’re going through. Someone to just listen while you talk or cry or hyperventilate. Whatever your anxiety-driven symptom…

So where do you create that line?
Let me tell you what I did…
I told people what I’ve been going through. I just told people who I trusted with my life.


_I talked with my Mom.
_I told my older Sister what I was feeling.
_I expressed what I was dealing with to my Husband.
_I talked on the phone with my best friend in CA for 25 minutes, she cried with me.
_I only shared these fears, feelings, thoughts, and emotions with people in my life that I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt weren’t going to be good listening ears just to turn around and have even better running mouths. Trusting your most vulnerable self with the wrong people will only add to your anxiety in the end. Choose these people wisely.
I truly started to feel the slightest bits of relief with each conversation I finished, which is more than enough for me. They say confession is good for the soul you know?

This isn’t mandatory. But if you do have a relationship with a higher power, maybe it’s time to start getting a little more vocal than normal. It sounds a little crazy but I believe it works. Whenever I would feel that lump in my throat, I’d step away from my desk, make a B-line to the restroom, make sure no one was in it, throw my hands in the air, and just

talk — out loud… Whatever is bringing you this anxiety, talk it down. Declare that you WANT to let go of what’s stressing you out. You want to give up the urge to know what your future is going to hold. You want to calm down and give all this tension away. Put it out into the universe. Understand that you are not always in control. Just try saying things that you’re feeling, out loud. IE “I release all the things that I am trying to control.” Just try and give up those awful anxious feelings if you can. Feelings of needing to know exactly what the future holds. Give them away, don’t make them your burden to carry. Don’t be anxious for anything if you can help it. There is always a plan.

(4): E X E R C I S E/FIND AN  O U T L E T 
I know you might feel like you don’t even want to blink let alone jump around but, I never regretted a single one of those workouts. If anything, I felt better because I felt that I pushed myself harder. Even if it was just to avoid having to be sitting home doing nothing with only my thoughts to occupy my mind.
__Stair Climber
__Weight Training
__Jump Rope
__Bike Riding
Also, exercise because endorphins. Natural mood elevators.
If you don’t want to get physical, find another creative outlet.
Go outside and take pictures. Take pictures in general. Learn a new skill. Get better at a skill you already have. Sit down with some makeup. Draw. Read. Whatever it is that makes your soul happy, make time for that and give your mind a break from the chaos it’s enduring. Even if just for 10 minutes a day. Make that effort.

(5): GO  O U T S I D E 
Being outside and connecting with nature is actually scientifically proven to benefit your soul. I don’t know if that’s quite how the professionals will word it but, that’s basically the gist of it. Being outside promotes so many great things in us; like creativity, and better focus, mood boosts, and even different healing effects both mental and physical. Living in Arizona is good for this because I get to be outside more of the year than not. 

(6): CRY  I T   O  U T
You have to acknowledge your feelings. You’re a human being. 

Some days are going to be tough. There’s nothing wrong with that and it doesn’t make you weak if you feel a little broken at times. Even the happiest of people have real issues to deal with and no one is happy 100% of the time. This doesn’t mean you hate your life or anything. It doesn’t even mean you can comfortably wear the unhappy label. You are having an unhappy moment. Not an unhappy existence. 
Cry if you have to. It’s alright. 
Do it alone.
Do it around someone you can trust.
Do it wherever the hell, sometimes you don’t have control over that. 

DO NOT unpack and live there. 
Acknowledge your feelings.
Then release them. 
Do what you need to in order to get it out, and get your thoughts in the right place again. It’s okay.
Is it okay?
It’s okay.

(7): K N O W. . .
Know beyond the shadow of a doubt that what you’re going through right now, will not last forever. It will not be anywhere near this relevant in a year from now. Maybe in 6 months from now. Maybe tomorrow..

Know that it’s only temporary.
Know that there is a better plan.
Know that you’re more resilient than you probably think.
Know that you are going to be okay.
If today was the worst day you’ve ever had, then you know that tomorrow can only be better.

I hope you know you aren’t alone.
I hope you know that everything always has a way of working out in the end. 
Never forget all of the good things that there are, and remember that tomorrow is always new. 

3 thoughts on “Keep Calm and…Overcome This Anxiety: 7 Things That Improve My Chill”

  1. Alyssa, this is really great, really valid advice. For me, getting out and driving with the windows down helps (probably ties into that nature bit… I should write a book… “how to reap the benefits of nature for those who hate nature” or something). Audio books also really help too because they allow me to escape my world for a bit without any work on my part 🙂 I’ll have to look into doTerra. I want to use more essential oils, and I’m not sure why I haven’t. But great post, and I hope you feel better soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Kaily. I just restructured/rewrote the crap out of it. My head was a true mess that day, go figure :p

      Driving is so good. I agree. I love to drive and listen to music. I got my licence the earliest age I could and I was on the go ever since. I will have to try out an audio book! I’m always wanting to read more but I never want to carry around an actual book. Or buy them!

      I am feeling worlds better. Still working on things but, definitely better. I hope you guys are doing well!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Download the app overdrive. If you don’t have a library card, go get one because you can listen to books FREE through your library with that app 🙂 The selection isn’t always the best but free is free and like I said, it really helps!

        Liked by 1 person

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