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Lush Cosmetics cruelty-free handmade cosmetics Ocean Salt Scrub Lip Scrub Mint Julips bblogger

I’ve been getting quite a bit of people lately commenting or asking questions about what I’m doing that’s making my skin so “clear” or “flawless”. First of all, that word in general makes me uncomfortable lol. No ones skin is perfect and without flaw 100% of the time….. BUT, I do have an answer to their questions nonetheless, and it’s not usually an answer they’re expecting.
I just tell people the truth, and the truth is that having a balanced and REAL whole food diet sans all preservatives, GMOs, MSGs, and other garbage that comes from eating processed foods is about 90% responsible for the way that my skin has ended up today. So there you have that. The secret it out. HOWEVER, I fully believe that everyone should still have some sort of regimen for the skin so, here’s a little bit of info about what I’ve been doing outside of just “eating clean”. It’s pretty simple really. So first thing’s first!

The Lush Cosmetics Ocean Salt Face + Body Detox ScrubLush Cosmetics Ocean Salt Scrub cruelty-free handmade cosmetics bblogger

Lush Cosmetics Ocean Salt Scrub cruelty-free handmade cosmetics bblogger

If you haven’t heard about this company, then stop reading this now and go get your Google search on. Cruelty-free, fresh, handmade cosmetic products. This is a vodka infused face/body scrub with lime and avocado and a bunch of other legit goodies. I scrub twice a week as recommended and let me just tell you…..I will probably never ever live my life without this product in it. It has made SUCH a difference in the evenness of my skin tone it’s not even remotely funny. Although I’ve never really had any major problems with intense acne, I did still have skin that was pretty easily irritated by certain things, and I would almost ALWAYS break out around that time of the month and I ALWAYS had redness and unevenness in my t-zone. NO MORE. It’s also made my pores visibly smaller. I’d recommend it to anyone.

The Truself Organics Foaming Cleanser
Truself Organics foaming cleanser cruelty-free bblogger skincare

A foaming cleanser made with all organic ingredients and tea tree essential oils is what I use for my “everyday” face wash. This is an up-and-coming independent company and they are really making a name for themselves. This product is pure gold. All good things.

and last but not least..

The Lush Cosmetics Mint Lip Scrub

Lush Cosmetics Lip Scrub cruelty-free bbloggerLush Cosmetics cruelty-free Lip Scrub

I’m obsessed with this lip scrub. I also forgot to mention the fact that you can see “who” is responsible for the existence of your freshly made goodies because Lush puts a sticker of their FACE on everything you buy. SO RAD, RIGHT?! But anyway, it removes all of the dead nasties you’ve accumulated and you never again have to worry about liquid lipstick application issues lol! Lush has several different flavors of this scrub but I opted for the Mint Julips flavor because I typically do this right after I brush my teeth so, the minty flavor just jives for me. The best part is that you lick the excess off after you rinse and I know that may seem kind of weird but, you just wait…..

So there you have it. That’s all she wrote. Let me give a recap –
Two things to help improve the condition of your skin:
1. Clean eating
2. Eliminating any products with harsh chemicals/ingredients

B A M!

Everything that you need to know is  H E R E:

Lush Cosmetics
Truself Organics 

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    1. Thanks very much!! I would so recommend PHYSICALLY going into a Lush store for your first time (as opposed to shopping online) because the staff is seriously so helpful and you just have to get that whole experience! Because it IS an experience going there! I love it so much 🙂 I’d love to hear about what you purchase when the time comes!


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