Makeup Favorite: The Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette

Happy T U E S D A Y !Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette Morphe Cosmetics Morphe Brushes Limited Edition MOTD bblogger A couple of weeks ago I finally received the limited edition Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette by Morphe Cosmetics and good grief Charlie Brown, I absolutely die. It’s pretty much been my go-to ever since I got it in the mail. It has every color that I need to create any type of look except a black smokey eye (because there’s no black shadow) but other than that, this palette has everything I’d ever need on a day-to-day basis. And let’s not even talk about the fact that it contains twenty-eight of some of the most pigmented shadows of life!

Okay I’m kidding about that last part, we should definitely talk about it….

I’ll just make it super easy and give you a list of all the “pros” I’ve come to find with this palette, and I’m not going to list any cons because quite frankly I don’t really have any to name so…WIN.

• A W E S O M E  B E N E F I T S •

Packaging: It’s super thin and lightweight. I opted to bring it with me when I flew to Chicago a couple of weeks ago instead of my normal medium size Z/Palette and it was the PERFECT palette to travel with.

Pigmentation: When I saw how pigmented these shadows were I about died. They are such gorgeous freaking colors and there honestly isn’t a single one that doesn’t “stand out”.

Formula/Consistency: Morphe shadows are so on key with this. Their shadows are literally like butter, and they blend like a dream.

Wide Color Range: The variety of colors within this thing are super legit. You pretty much have everything from transition shades, mattes, shimmers, brow bone highlights, brights and corals, to your soft pinks and fuchsias, even a forest green. You can’t lose.

I swatched some of my favorite and most used shades so far for you guys. I guess the only “bummer” about this palette is that it was a limited edition item and won’t be restocked by Morphe Cosmetics. Some crazy makeup junkie out there is probably selling one on eBay for some ridiculously escalated price though, so if you really wanted to get your hands on one I’m sure there’s a way lol.

Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette Morphe Cosmetics Morphe Brushes Limited Edition MOTD bbloggerJaclyn Hill Favorites Palette Morphe Cosmetics Morphe Brushes Limited Edition MOTD bbloggerJaclyn Hill Favorites Palette Morphe Cosmetics Morphe Brushes Limited Edition MOTD bblogger

16 thoughts on “Makeup Favorite: The Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette”

    1. I was a tad skeptical at first because how could something so cheap be so fabulous right?! But I was worried for nothing! I own several of their palettes and blush sets and brushes and they have NEVER disappointed me! Such a phenominal brand and when I visited their store in Burbank the customer service was so awesome!


      1. Morphe won’t be restocking it again. I heard a lot of people had problems when trying to order but, I had zero issues so I can’t really complain personally.

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  1. eBay has some ridiculous prices, but if you search deep enough on the website, you could definitely get a good deal, in my country we don’t have morphe, so whoever brings them in and sells them.. Kills us with the prices


  2. Ugh, kicking myself that I didn’t pick this up. And no, Ebay jerk…. I’m not paying triple or even double! Someone told me all of these shades are sold in singles on the Morphe website though.


    1. I didn’t pick it up the first time around, but I made sure to get one when they did their second go-around! And yes you’re correct! They are available individually! The palette was just at a “discounted price” because the shadows are $2 a piece regularly but you got 28 of them for $29.99 so that’s the only difference 👍

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      1. That and it support JH which who wouldn’t want to, she’s just freaking awesome 🙂 Just checked ebay out of curiosity and yup $70+. Crazy!!!

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