Neutral Makeup: Wings, Brows, and Lashes

MOTD winged liner Maybelline Master Precise Liner anastasia brows neutral makeup MakeupGeek Cosmetics
I finally decided to quit being a total pansy, and busted out the falsies. I have a ton of them just sitting around on my vanity and they never get used because I always tell myself things like “they’re too tedious” or “they’ll be too difficult for me to get on” but it’s all nonsense. I threw these bad boys on yesterday in only about 3-4 extra minutes! I find that letting your glue get plenty tacky and using tweezers is such key. False lashes are life, and I wish I could have them just permanently glued to my eye lids forever. Here’s a super simple, neutral look that works for pretty much any “everyday” occasion.

I used all MakeupGeek shadows as per yoozsh, with a ColourPop shadow (I ♥ This) on my inner corner. I winged out my liner, applied some Ardell lashes, threw on some brows, and called it a day.
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Ardell Lashes

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