MOTD: Spring Sparkle

Spring makeup MakeupGeek Makeup Geek Cosmetics foiled shadow Showtime MOTD cruelty free winged liner brown eyes

Everyone does Spring a little differently. Some do it with pastels, and bright pinks. But I like to keep it smokey, glam, and sparkley – as always! I wish I could tell you that I’m super great at “light” makeup but……you know I keep it exceptionally real with you guys so, I’ll do no such thing. I do always try to get better at it of course, but I just have a heavy hand by nature so, that’s that. This has been my most favorite go-to look for Spring as of late and I cannot get enough of the MakeupGeek foiled shadow “Showtime”. This shade is the star of the show, hands down…
I used all MakeupGeek shadows to create this Spring-time look, with the foiled shadow as the main focus on my lid. You guys…let me tell you…this shadow is unreal. It’s the most beautiful shade of burgundy with brown undertones but when I apply it to my lid (with Too Faced Glitter Glue as a base) it turns the most amazing cranberry color with the absolute most gorgeous flecks of gold and purple iridescent sparkle. I can’t really explain it but it’s effing ridiculous. Here’s a look at all other shadows used, and the completed look. Happy Spring-time to everyone!

MakeupGeek Makeup Geek Cosmetics foiled shadows Spring Makeup swatches makeup MOTD coco bear makeupgeek bitten MakeupGeek Cosmetics MOTD Makeup Geek foiled shadow Showtime cruelty free Spring Makeup

Alyssa K

19 thoughts on “MOTD: Spring Sparkle”

  1. I really like the use of colors, the look is very different, if you went lighter or heavier, you could use it really all year long, especially in California, there are no true seasons here, (we have fall and summer truly).
    Here’s a good laugh for you, so I am not a “Technical” person, the Internet was invented when I was in my mid-okay late 20’s, (Thank God). So, it took me 30 minutes to load two of your posts onto Pinterest, (I don’t Twit, Instagram or Facebook). I realize I did one picture four times. Sigh….. Don’t ask. I do know how to delete, the kids taught me. I know its pathetic, I am working on it.


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    1. Yes yes! I’m originally from California. The weather is heavenly. I’m glad you were able to get the hang of WordPress! You will get better the more you explore! 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!

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    1. I appreciate it so much, thank you. I wish I had the desire to do more pastel colored looks but I gravitate SO much to darker more smokey colors!


    1. Thank you for the kind words! If you haven’t tried MakeupGeek products I would definitely recommend them! $5.99 shadows, cruelty free, and those swatches are with ZERO base! That company is my total jam! 🙂


    1. I have heard of Younique before! I’m not a big fan to be honest. I ordered some of the pigments to support a girlfriend of mine who was having an online party. To be 100% honest for the price per ounce you get, I was really disappointed over-all. I appreciate the recommendation though!!

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      1. My pigments go a long way as I don’t really have to use a lot to get the color, but everyone has their own loves ^_^

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      2. This is true. I just felt like for $10 dollars a pop (almost $15 after taxes) for 1.1 grams of pigment that it fell short. Especially when other cruelty-free companies like MakeupGeek can offer 1.5 grams of pigment for $6.99. But again, everyone has their vices and preferences!

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      3. I hear ya it is probably easier for people who don’t have sensitive skin too ;p I have less choices even when it comes to hypoallergenic make-up :\


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