MOTD: Everyday Office Makeup

MOTD MakeupGeek Cosmetics neutral makeup bblogger Barcelona Beach cruelty free makeup When I don’t have anything creative going on in my head for makeup, or even if I just know that I want to wear it that day but don’t necessarily care to have to think about what “type” of look I should do, I do this. It’s four shadows, and it doesn’t require any thinking on my part…which, lets just be real, is always a plus before I’ve had my coffee.MakeupGeek neutral makeup bblogger Barcelona Beach cruelty free makeup I use all MakeupGeek shadows for this (click the link to shop their site). It’s super simple, takes no thought, and this is just about as neutral as it gets!
(Shadows from left to right)
• Hipster
• Vanilla Bean
• Ice Queen
• Barcelona Beach (this shadow is my total freakin’ jam right now. It’s the perfect shade for everyday use!)

9 thoughts on “MOTD: Everyday Office Makeup”

    1. Hi Kyra,
      Thank you so much! I have tons of help from the brow queen…Anastasia Beverly Hills! 🙂 I will definitely check out your blog! Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. What mascara is that? Works really great on you along with those shadows! MakeupGeek is on my wishlist but I can’t decide which colors I want to get first.

    Mandy |


    1. It’s a drugstore mascara – the L’Oreàl Voluminous one! Good luck with your MakeupGeek order! Any color is a good color with them 🙂


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