MOTD: MakeupGeek Foiled Shadow – ‘Mesmerized’

When I die, bury me in MakeupGeek please..
I bought some of the new(ish) MakeupGeek foiled shadows last week and as per yoozsh, Marlena completely nailed it once again. They’re so intensely pigmented, and they literally feel like the creamiest butter of life. The foiled shadows are $9.99 a piece, and worth every cent. The star of the show today is the  foiled shadow in ‘Mesmerized’ —

MakeupGeek Foiled Shadow Mesmerize

‘Mesermized’ is a deep taupe-ish color with super strong purple undertones. I’m not really sure what color it is exactly but, it’s friggin’ perfect. I honestly had no idea how prominent the purple tones would be when I started doing this look, so I paired this foiled shadow with dark brown + black shades for my transition and outer crease colors. When I looked at it in the pan I was sure it would come off more pink, or brown maybe. But I was totally wrong. So I threw a pop of blue all over my lower lash line, and an off-white shimmer in my tear duct area and called it a day with this one.

Final opinion/s:
I was so pleasantly surprised by this shadow. Not that I expected anything less if I can just be perfectly frank. I have loved this company for about a year now, and I don’t think a day has gone by since that I’ve worn makeup on my face without using at least one MakeupGeek shadow/product of some kind. I happily support the living crap out of their brand, and not just because their makeup is completely off the chain. But also because they don’t test on animals, are 100% paraben-free and talc-free, because all products are made and shipped from within the U.S., because the prices are so right, and because Marlena rules. A girlfriend of mine told me about her YouTube channel a little over a year ago and that’s pretty much what led me to the realization that there’s a whole world of beauty gurus out there on the internet that have the same addiction + passion as I do!

Here’s a full list of the shadows used for today’s eyes, and the completed look!


C L I C K  H E R E  to check out all of MakeupGeek’s foiled shadows.


13 thoughts on “MOTD: MakeupGeek Foiled Shadow – ‘Mesmerized’”

  1. Beautiful look <3. Do you find the foiled shadows crease? I've read so many reviews that say they do. I've tried the Milani ones & they creased like crazy, so just wondering about MG's


    1. I personally have never had any issues with creasing with the foiled shadows. I do lay down other products as a base first as well. I use a Too Faced Shadow insurance and sometimes I’ll also go in with a tiny bit of Too Faced Glitter Glue when I’m working with the more intense shadows. I hope that helps! 🙂

      // Alyssa K.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! And oh my GOSH! That is the nicest thing anyone could ever say haha! Thank you so much! I use the brow gel from Anastasia Beverly Hills!! She is the brow queen!

      I would recommend these foiled shadows to anyone!

      // Alyssa K.


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