Cool Brown Smokey Eye

Yesterday I went super warm. Today I went uber cool. I favor cool tones. I wear both but, I pick cool makeup looks a good 85% of the time. ANYWAY. I used a combination of Mac, MakeupGeek, and ColourPop shadows for today’s eyeballs.



c r e a s e/transition: MakeupGeek shadow in ‘Hipster

o u t e r corner: MakeupGeek shadow in ‘Bada Bing

i n n e r  corner: ColourPop shadow in ‘So Quiche

c e n t e r lid: Mac pigment in ‘Pretty It Up’

as a side note; I almost always use a mixture of all the colors and blow out my lower lash line, and I mean, I reeeeally blow my lower lash line area out. I’m not comfortable unless there’s at least ¼ inch of shadow down there, it really helps  open up the eyes!

i n s i d e  lights/f r o n t  facing camera:

I also use a Too Faced Shadow Insurance + a little Too Faced Glitter Glue just to make sure everything stays put all day.

ColourPop, MakeupGeek, Bada Bing, Shadow, Hipster, MOTD, Gold Glitter

n a t u r a l  light/n o  flash

Fall time is my favorite time for makeup!



*Side Note*
I just blend until my hand falls off for the best results 🙂

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