DIY: Project Vanity!

I recently asked my hubs if I could buy a vanity when we did all of our furniture shopping for the new house we just moved into. After pricing around at a ton of places online and in-stores, we couldn’t really find anything I liked under the $350.00 range. So we decided that we could easily do a DIY version for much less, and we did!
I wanted to share how it all went..

Since we were purchasing most of our furniture from Ikea, we decided to just start there! As always, Ikea did not disappoint. The first four core pieces we bought for the project were:

• The Linnmon Adils Table in B&W
• The Snille Visitor Chair
• The Stave 27′ Mirror
• The Musik Wall Lamp (two)

ikea linnmonikea snilleikea staveikea musik lights

I have been so excited about this since the first day we talked about doing it a few weeks ago, and it turned out better than I could have ever imagined.
Here’s the finished product.

Processed with VSCOcamIMAG2621_1

I already had the little Myken Table Mirror (also from Ikea).
It’s perfect for when I need to take a closer look at things like my eyebrows, eyeliner etc.

To anyone who is wondering, I did not hard-wire the vanity lights. We just cleaned up the wiring and plugged them into the outlet because we all know that I change my mind WAY too often to hard-wire those things into one place permanently. My “project vanity” was such a success and we were able to do it for about half the price as an already assembled vanity would have cost in stores or online.

_BULBS USED_: GE 40W Soft White Bulbs

9 thoughts on “DIY: Project Vanity!”

  1. Love this! I want to know where you got the wiring for the lights? I have the same lights but I need that easy click wire!


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